Via Gateway Thüringen, a consortium consisting of Vinci subsidiary Eurovia and Royal BAM subsidiary Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, has secured funds for a €220m Federal Motorway A9 in Germany.

KfW IPEX and BBVAL banks are investing €120m in the project, €88m will come from the German government and €12m will be contributed in equity by the project company’s shareholders.

The work involves the widening of a 19km stretch to a three-lane dual carriageway, as well as the refurbishment of a 46.5km section between the Lederhose interchange in the north-east of Germany and the border between the states of Thüringen and Bavaria in the south.

The A9 motorway connects Berlin with Bavaria and Munich, and represents a major north-south link within the country, as well as a gateway to Austria and Italy.

The project will start in October this year and is expected to be completed in three years.

This is the first A-Modell partnership contract in Germany where the concession company will be paid a fee calculated on the basis of the motorway section’s availability to traffic.