HERE Technologies, Vodafone and Porsche have partnered to develop a real-time warning system to allow drivers to receive hazard warnings directly.

The firms are trialling the use of 5G technology and precise location determination to improve traffic safety and cut down road accidents in the future.

At Vodafone’s 5G Mobility Lab in Aldenhoven, Germany, the firms will test the real-time warning system under conditions similar to everyday situations, focusing on hazardous situations that are not visible to drivers.

The data is captured by camera and sensor systems using artificial intelligence (AI) and precisely localised using high-definition (HD) map and positioning technology.

This is then processed and analysed directly on the roadside and on the edge of the network using Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) technology.

With dedicated alerts using 5G mobile network technology and an intelligent MQTT message broker, road users travelling towards the hazard can be transmitted data without delay.

HERE Technologies production innovation manager Antina Lee said: “Improving road safety is a key focus for us.

“Location technology, combined with 5G and MEC, offers powerful solutions that make roads safer, providing better mobility experiences for road users.”

Vodafone Germany innovation director Michael Reinartz said: “If cars can warn each other about hazards in real-time, human lives can be saved.

“5G and data processing on the roadside help to transmit hazard warnings without delay and make road traffic even safer. We are currently trialling this under everyday conditions.”

The companies will carry out feasibility studies to validate application requirements and to test overall project functionality.

After the initial tests in Aldenhoven, the firms intend to further optimise the real-time warning system and analyse its potential in everyday use. Further tests will be carried out at different locations under a variety of conditions.