SAGE Automation has launched the trial of a smart transit hub called ‘Matilda’ in Adelaide, South Australia.

Matilda is a mobile transport hub developed and manufactured by SAGE Automation and Sonnex. It aims to work with any driverless vehicles. It also offers an interactive experience to users during their commute.

SAGE CEO Adrian Fahey was quoted by as saying that the hub is set to open up transport options for people with disabilities.

The six-month trial demonstrates first-mile last-mile transportation by allowing people to take the tram to Glenelg and board an Olli shuttle designed by autonomous vehicle company Local Motors.

A Matilda hub is available at each end of the route, allowing users to book the free ride, see where the shuttle is, and gain information about the local area.

“Matilda runs on solar or battery power and is fully self-contained.”

Matilda runs on solar or battery power and is fully self-contained.

For the $1.6m project, the South Australian Government’s Future Mobility Lab Fund provided $700,000.

The connected transit hub is equipped with the latest smart technologies that offer the opportunity of autonomous shuttle transportation to everyone.

Matilda provides the required passenger and traffic data to transport planners to deliver safe services.

The Matilda stop is integrated with IBM Watson technology for voice activation and allows passengers to get questions answered. It also features KinTrans software for interactive sign language.

SAGE Automation’s National Operations Centre at the nearby Tonsley Innovation Precinct will monitor the system. Data will be used to improve future deployments.