Siemens Smart Infrastructure has unveiled its new fast charger called Sicharge D for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in urban areas, highways and city parking locations.

The company claims that its DC chargers have a voltage range of up to 1,000V with scalable charging power up to 300kW.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure Future Grids global head Birgit Dargel said: “With its upgradability and dynamic charging, it is a big step forward to support the future of eMobility.

“Our customers can be sure to be prepared for future eventualities of eMobility, be it increasing number of required charging options or increasing charging speeds.

“At the same time, it is one of the most efficient fast chargers currently available on the market, an important aspect since building sustainable mobility requires careful handling of the scarce resources we are using.”

Siemens said that Sicharge D offers more than 95.5% constant efficiency and 96% peak efficiency while ensuring that almost all the generated electricity reaches the car to be charged.

Sicharge D is said to have been designed to adapt to electric vehicles with higher charging power in the future.

It has one AC and two DC outlets that are fit into a compact design to minimise installation complexity.

In addition, Sicharge D supports dynamic parallel charging, which means that it accounts for the individual power demand of each connected car and automatically adapts the charging process to the EV’s battery technology and charging status.

The new charger is also equipped with a 24in adjustable display for improved user experience.