Tesla is set to introduce a software upgrade for its partially automated driving system to enable the vehicles to detect and respond to traffic lights.

The feature is being rolled out following its testing on public roads, reported AP.

Equipped with the latest feature, Tesla cars will be able to identify and stop at traffic lights. The feature will also enable the vehicles to appropriately respond to other road signs.

According to a note sent to select Tesla vehicle owners, who were picked to trial the light and sign recognition feature, the upgrade will reduce the speed of the car whenever it identifies a traffic light.

The vehicle will also slow down even if the traffic light is green, the note added.

Subsequently, the system alerts the driver on its intention to slow down and stop the vehicle. If it is safe to proceed, the driver may push the throttle to override the system advice.

The company noted that the system may not stop at all signals.

However, experts have warned that the upgrade may increase the risks of accidents as other motorists will be unprepared when the Tesla vehicle slows down at a green signal.

Duke University professor Missy Cummings was quoted by CNN as saying: “There’s no upside to this software. There’s a capability being released to the general public that’s known to have significant defects.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also unveiled plans to introduce fully self-driving units later this year. The introduction of the new light and sign recognition feature is expected to advance the previous commitment.