Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) systems provider Unex and autonomous traffic management provider NoTraffic have teamed up to integrate V2X with a smart traffic management platform.

NoTraffic’s AI and computing sensor-equipped platform will be integrated with Unex’s SOM-301.

Based on Autotalks’ Craton2 / Pluton2 global V2X chipset, SOM-301 offers traffic optimisation and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications.

Featuring Unex’s V2Xcast technology, SOM-301 serves as a self-contained system-on-module, integrating V2X essential hardware with software components.

Unex Technology executive vice-president Nick Lee said: “Integrating our V2X technology within NoTraffic’s smart traffic management platform shows a great use case that V2X can work perfectly with AI algorithms and other sensors in smart intersections. It is not a prototype or a theory but a concrete solution that can optimise traffic flow and road user safety.”

As an integrated modular framework, V2Xcast offers V2X communication and supports flexible application deployment.

Due to the self-contained V2X system-on-module, V2X application becomes possible on the smart traffic management platform.

NoTraffic’s autonomous traffic management platform integrates computing line-of-sight sensors such as radar and camera to gather data with a Cloud-based dashboard. The platform also uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify and track all road users.

The integrated solution of SOM-301 and NoTraffic’s platform can identify several road users and pass on this information to oncoming vehicles through DSRC or C-V2X.

As the technology has 360° non-line-of-sight sensing, it is possible to exchange safety messages between infrastructure and vehicles.

Vehicles in turn will alert drivers and, in the future, automatically apply brakes to avoid collisions.

When combined with AI algorithms, V2X allows traffic optimisation by reducing congestion, collision and emissions.

NoTraffic CEO Tal Kreisler said: “While more and more vehicles are connected and autonomous capabilities rapidly progressing, smart road infrastructure is still in its infancy.

“Establishing a communication channel between infrastructure and road users is crucial in order to make the roads safer and more efficient. NoTraffic’s collaboration with Unex will allow us to accelerate the deployment of our platform.

“This significant milestone sets the basis for preparing the roads to the era of connected and autonomous transportation. Our system is already deployed across a number of locations in the US, expanding to additional locations in the coming months.”