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Soil Reinforcement and Ground Stabilisation Solutions

Tensar International is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and provision of soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation solutions. Our expertise and experience has been accumulated over several decades of successful collaboration in international project design and implementation. Supported by our team of qualified civil engineers, we offer proven, practical and best value answers to an extensive range of requirements.

Geogrids for ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement problems

Based on the unique properties of Tensar geogrids, Tensar Technology provides proven practical solutions and the know-how to get them built. It is widely adopted for ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement problems, delivering real savings in budget and on time. We can help you apply Tensar Technology to deliver the best value on your project.

Ground stabilisation solutions

There are now unprecedented demands to design economic and environmentally-sensitive roads, container ports, car parks, airfields and hardstandings, sited over weak or variable ground. Tensar geogrids give a high-performance solution, which also meets economic and environmental constraints.

The structural contribution made by Tensar geogrids is to reinforce the unbound layers of roads and trafficked areas. When granular material is compacted over the geogrid it partially penetrates and projects through the apertures to create a strong and positive interlock. The high-tensile stiffness of Tensar geogrids allows load to be developed at very low strains.

Superior structural performance with tensar geogrids

Independent trials have confirmed that it is the shape and form of the ribs and junctions of Tensar geogrids that determine the structural performance of pavements – unique characteristics and superiority.

Since 1980, several hundred million square metres of Tensar geogrids have been successfully incorporated into a wide range of sites under diverse working and climatic conditions. The geogrid solutions allow the construction of roads, container ports, car parks airfields and hardstandings over weak or variable ground.

Cost-effective geogrid soil reinforcement solutions

Tensar geogrids combine major cost savings with considerable performance benefits in granular capping and sub-base layers:

  • Savings in granular thickness of up to 40% with no performance loss
  • Reduction of excavated soil together with conservation of natural aggregates
  • Reduced disturbance and weakening of sensitive sub-grade formations
  • Improved fill compaction
  • Increased design life
  • Control of differential settlement
  • Spanning of voids

Very often, Tensar geogrids can make the impossible, possible.

Tensar TriAx? – A revolution in geogrid technology

Tensar International has almost 30 years of experience in analysing and optimising the performance of geogrids. Drawing on this technical knowledge and expertise, Tensar has radically re-engineered the fundamental structure of geogrids to create a revolutionary new product. The TriAx geogrid is the culmination of this research and represents the future of geogrid technology, using one of the most stable forms - the triangular structure.

The unique TriAx structure incorporates several characteristics which combine to create an optimised structure that outperforms conventional biaxial geogrids in trafficking applications. When combined with a suitable aggregate TriAx produces a mechanically stabilised layer with exceptional performance.

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