Car Park Management and Access Control Systems

DESIGNA provides integrated parking management solutions. 30 years ago, DESIGNA engineers were the first to develop an automatic parking system. Since then, DESIGNA's PARKMASTER car park management system has been installed on an almost daily basis somewhere around the world.

PM ABACUS is the new car park management system from DESIGNA - using leading edge technology, this new system ensures a secure investment through ticket compatibility, offering even greater possibilities for parking management networking.


PM ABACUS is DESIGNA's state-of-the-art car park management system which is completely compatible with the PARKMASTER 100. Through the logical implementation of leading edge technology for networks, system control computers and terminal works, PM ABACUS provides a completely secure investment and the optimum in performance.

An Ethernet is the entire basis for the performance network. The operation is carried out via Windows and/or web applications, and MS.SQL operates as the databank server. Parking terminals are controlled by a Linux-based controller.

Depending on requirements, the PM ABACUS layout can accept either magnetic side-strips or centrestrips. This means that the processing of existing PARKMASTER 100 tickets is possible, as is ticket processing in any feed direction, providing a high-capacity appliance. Like the PARKMASTER, PM ABACUS additionally supports barcode technology as well as diverse non-contact and contact chip cards.


The PM ABACUS software application WinOperate provides the central process visualisation for car park control. The statistical and reporting tool WinReport offers completely new evaluation options on the basis of the data saved from the individual transactions. The tariffs are set and adjusted via WinTariff.

The user is able to access these applications via the internet from any location in the world. This makes it possible to monitor, for example, the financial aspects of the car park or the central long-term parking administration - all this without a physical network or an expensive switched connection.


For smaller car parks, DESIGNA developed the new SLIMPARK system, which combines easy handling with the high standard of DESIGNA's car park technology. SLIMPARK helps to efficiently use smaller parking areas. It is completely compatible with other DESIGNA appliances. With its compact, practical and elegant equipment design the system fits into every surrounding.

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