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  1. Innovative ridesharing, rental, and hailing apps attracted strong investment in 2021

    18 Feb
  2. Hertz’s electric vehicle order will attract more business travellers

    29 Oct
  3. Launch of ‘National Express Leisure’ gives UK budget travel a boost

    1 Sep
  4. Skyscanner’s ‘Road Trip Planner’ set to be a winner with domestic travel boom

    13 Aug
  5. Surge in US road trips could be damaging for the local environment

    15 Jul
  6. Twitter round-up: Mark Turby’s tweet on Ford Mustang Mach-Es receiving first over-the-air update most popular tweet in Q1 2021

    7 Apr
  7. Adaptability is key for the survival of Hertz

    11 Mar
  8. Short-term speculation and investor’s long-term expectations drive Tesla’s share price

    1 Mar
  9. Biggest influencers in Automotive in Q4 2020: The top individuals to follow

    18 Feb
  10. Mobility as a Service trends: Smart mobility leads Twitter mentions in Q4 2020

    29 Jan