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Top tweets on automotive in Q1 2021

1. Mark Turby’s tweet on Ford Mustang Mach-Es receiving first over-the-air update

Mark Turby, vice president of communications at Ford Motor Company, shared an article on the US-based automaker Ford releasing over-the-air software update for its Mustang Mach-Es. Select owners have been invited to test Ford’s beta programme for new over-the-air software update process.

The beta programme will allow Ford to fix bugs before the rollout of the update to all Mach-E owners in the future. It will also enable consumers to access the latest software without the need to purchase a new vehicle or visit a dealership, while preventing any vehicle recalls or software issues.

Username: Mark Turby

Twitter handle: @mtruby

Retweets: 20

Likes: 129

2. Phil LeBeau’s tweet on Nio doubling deliveries in 2020

Phil LeBeau, auto and airline reporter at CNBC, shared an article on Chinese domestic electric car start-ups Nio, Li Auto, and Xpeng reporting a rise in vehicle deliveries in 2020. The domestic automakers are giving stiff competition to electric car maker Tesla, although the latter reported five times more deliveries worldwide last year than the combined deliveries of the start-ups.

The demand of domestic car makers indicates China’s growing economy and its auto market. Sales of pure electric cars rose by 4.4% from a year ago for the period between January and November, as against a drop of 7.6% in overall passenger car sales during the period, according to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Chinese government has also provided impetus to the industry with subsidies, fewer restrictions on license plates, and developing charging infrastructure.

Username: Phil LeBeau

Twitter handle: @Lebeaucarnews

Retweets: 11

Likes: 85

3. Peter Campbell’s tweet on Aston Martin’s pledge to build EVs in the UK from 2025

Peter Campbell, a motor industry correspondent, shared an article on luxury sports cars manufacturer Aston Martin’s plans to make electric cars in the UK from 2025, while evaluating all options for battery sourcing. The British carmaker stated that the electric vehicles will be assembled in South Wales and Warwickshire.

The battery sourced sports car and sports utility vehicle (SUV) will be built at the company’s own facilities in Gaydon and Wales respectively, the article noted. The company is also planning to launch hybrid versions of its cars including a new version of the DBX, its first luxury SUV, this year.

The launch comes after the UK announced its plans to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, and hybrids from 2035, thereby forcing automakers to phase-out vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs).

Username: Peter Campbell

Twitter handle: @Petercampbell1

Retweets: 18

Likes: 73

4. David Ward’s tweet on Nissan ending the production of NP300 Hardbody

David Ward, president of Towards Zero Foundation, an automotive company focused on sustainable road transport, shared an article on automobile manufacturer Nissan’s decision to discontinue the production of its NP300 Hardbody bakkie by end of the year. The company’s Rosslyn assembly asset will now be working on increasing the production of Navara towards the end of 2021 and through 2022.

The South African market presented unique opportunities for the bakkie segment, thereby allowing the NP300 to remain relevant long after other countries had discontinued the vehicle, the article detailed. The bakkie was originally launched to boost Nissan’s sales volumes during a period when the local bakkie market was dominated by Chinese and Indian 1-tonne bakkies.

Username: David Ward

Twitter handle: @DavidDjward

Retweets: 19

Likes: 51

5. Mike Levine’s tweet on Texas man using the new Ford F-150 to heat his home

Mike Levine, a product communications manager at automaking company Ford, shared an article about a man in Texas using his new 2021 Ford F-150 to heat his home and power appliances during a recent blackout affecting millions in the Lone Star State. Randy Jones, a 66-year-old retired refinery worker, used the hybrid truck with pro power onboard to power his home and his neighbours’ home during the blackout.

The 7.2kW onboard generator of the 2021 F-150 operated for 10-12 hours for three days, allowing Jones to power some lights and other appliances at his home, the article detailed.

Username: Mike Levine

Twitter handle: @mrlevine

Retweets: 14

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