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OSI LaserScan Laser Detection Sensors and Vehicle Detection Systems for Toll and Traffic Management

OSI LaserScan, based in Hawthorne, California, was founded in 2003 following the acquisition of the Sensor Business Unit of Schwartz Electro-Optics. OSI LaserScan produces a variety of leading laser scanner systems for commercial uses worldwide.

As a leader in advanced laser scanning technology, OSI LaserScan has developed a sophisticated range of traffic surveillance technology and infrared vehicle sensors to track and analyze traffic across a range of applications.

AutoSense traffic detection sensors

AutoSense units utilize an eye-safe laser to scan the roadway and objects (vehicles) passing through the sensor’s beam field. Each unit emits two scanning laser beams in order to create a 3D image of the object. Data collected by the sensor is processed in real-time, transmitting its output within 25ms.

AutoSense sensors are designed to support a multitude of applications, including: toll collections, traffic flow analysis, bridge / tunnel clearance verification, routing studies, traffic monitoring, weigh-in motion and security.

In tolling applications, AutoSense units can be mounted either overhead (overhead classification) or alongside the traffic lane (axle count classification) to detect, separate and classify vehicles. In addition, the units are equipped to trigger enforcement cameras.

OSI LaserScan is also a licensed Idris Technology partner and offers a range of Idris products, from simple traffic data recording products to a complete automatic classification system.

Laser vehicle classification: AutoSense 600 series

Mounted overhead, the AutoSense system scans the roadway by taking 30+ range and intensity measurements across the width of a single lane via the two lasers beams emitted from the sensor.

When a vehicle enters the beam, the measured distance decreases and the corresponding vehicle height is calculated using simple geometry. As the vehicle progresses, the second beam is broken in the same manner. The AutoSense system calculates speed by measuring the time difference between the breaking of the two beams.

Consecutive range samples are analyzed to provide a profile of the vehicle in view. This profile is processed by the sensor to classify the vehicle into one of 13 categories. The system is sensitive enough to detect narrow tow bars. A programmable camera trigger is also provided to enable images to be captured for the front and rear of the vehicle.

Axle count classification: AutoSense 700 series

The AutoSense axle counter is mounted alongside the roadway where it scans the side profile of the vehicle as it passes through the laser field. The system is designed to detect, separate and provide axle count classification for each vehicle. This unique system eliminates the need to deploy both treadles and light curtains to achieve vehicle separation and axle count.

Truck classification: AutoSense 625

The AutoSense Truck-Body Classifier is mounted above the roadway where it scans the top profile of the vehicle as it passes through the laser field. The system is designed to detect, separate and provide truck classification. This system is ideal for weigh-in-motion, intermodal and security applications.

Inductive loop solutions for vehicle detection and classification

OSI LaserScan offers a range of Idris products, which complement the AutoSense product line. The Idris Technology is currently used, and has proven reliable, in a variety of traffic solutions in all types of lane situations.

Idris can accurately count and classify vehicles in all weather conditions. It handles congestion with the same precision as free flow traffic and has the ability to identify straddling or tailgating vehicles. Idris can differentiate between trailers and tailgating vehicles – it can even classify twin tire vehicles.

The Idris Technology consists of complex patented algorithms around which an intricate software program has been developed to produce a technology capable of meeting the highest accuracies for vehicle classification around the world.

This software package, in conjunction with the patented axle loops, provides a traffic technology capable of being integrated in most of today’s traffic solutions. Idris Technology is a versatile, cost effective and low maintenance solution.

Idris is owned and developed by Diamond Consulting Services Ltd (DCS).

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OSI LaserScan

12525 Chadron Avenue

Hawthorne, CA 90250


United States of America

+1 310 978 0516 +1 310 644 1727

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OSI LaserScan

12525 Chadron Avenue

Hawthorne, CA 90250


United States of America

+1 310 978 0516 +1 310 644 1727

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