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DELTA provides a highly reliable range of retroreflectometers for measuring retroreflection of pavement markings and road traffic signs on roads and in airports.

Making sure your markings and signs are performing according to current standards helps to guide traffic safely, day and night, and reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities on the roads. Knowing the condition of your road assets allows road owners to make sensible decisions related to road maintenance optimising maintenance budgets.

Retroreflection measurement of pavement markings and traffic signs

Four decades ago, DELTA was first to launch a retroreflectometer and we have since continued to be deeply involved in breaking new technologies besides forging the international standards on retroreflection measurements of pavement markings and road traffic signs.

As a global leader in the supply of retroreflectometers and the preferred choice of professionals, we invite you to use our instruments, knowledge and experience – and not to forget our first-class customer service directly from DELTA or via one of our 40 distribution partners around the world.

LTL-M – Continuous measurements of pavement marking retroreflectivity

DELTA’s LTL-M mobile retroreflectometer for measuring retroreflection of pavement markings added a new line to our well-known LTL-range of instruments. LTL-M is built using a patented technology automatically taking care of possible measurement inaccuracies during driving combining a flashlight system, fast digital camera technology and real-time digital image processing. The result is a measurement system delivering hitherto unparalleled accurate measurements.

LTL-M is easy to mount on any type of standard vehicle using fittings supplied with the system. It is easy to calibrate in a simple, one-step process and is very user-friendly when it comes to operating the instrument – the driver can follow measurements real-time on the tablet.

LTL-M measures the retroreflection of pavement markings continuously at any speed with a measurement width of 1m / 3.3ft. It can measure double lines simultaneously, reports individually and records the geometry of the markings. LTL-M in addition records the presence of raised pavement markers (RPM) also referred to as cat eyes or road studs.

NEW – LTL3000 retroreflectometer for pavement markings

LTL3000 is the first retroreflectometer from DELTA in a new generation of instruments. LTL3000 is intended for users, who need an instrument for less demanding measurement programs, who do not need many features to support the measurements and who want an instrument which is easy to transport. LTL3000 is smaller and lighter than most other instruments in the market.

LTL3000 offers most of the features found on DELTA’s other comparable instrument but has, besides retroreflectivity, been added the option of measuring nighttime reflected colours (x,y coordinates). This feature allows the user to check if a yellow marking is actually seen as yellow at nighttime.

For easy operation LTL3000 is equipped with touch display supported by three action buttons making use easier even if the user is wearing gloves.

LTL-X Mark II and LTL-XL – existing retroreflectometers for pavement markings

DELTA offer two existing retroreflectometers for pavement markings having many years of proven track record for being robust, accurate and easy to operate. LTL-XL measures nighttime (RL) and daytime (Qd) visibility of all types of dry and wet pavement markings.

If you need to measure retroreflection from high-profile markings or measure during continuous wetting, DELTA’s LTL-X Mark II is the answer.

Both instruments make use of LED technology, which makes the instrument almost maintenance-free. It allows you to work efficiently with measuring times of 1s to 3s and a large memory of more than 200,000 measurements. Calibration of the instruments is a one-step process taking less than one minute.

RetroSign GRX – retroreflectometer for road traffic signs, high-visibility clothing, license plates and conspicuity tapes

DELTA’s recent RetroSign instrument is offered in three base models: GRX-1, GRX-3 & GRX-7, where the digit in the name tells the number of observation angles active – the instrument offers up to seven observation angles, which can be measured simultaneous: 0.2o; 0.33o; 0.5o; 0.7o; 1.0o; 1.5o; 2.0o. In addition, a range of entrance angle adapters are offered with the instrument making it possible to measure all known geometries with one instrument.

It adds new features allowing users to undertake a more complete measurement programme on, for example, road traffic signs. It offers automatic colour recognition, picture of sign, background and legend colour retroreflection and contrast, scanning of barcodes and QR codes for asset management, GNSS positioning, US sign library and much more. Entering a threshold level will allow the GRX to instantly tell if a measurement has passed or failed the minimum level. To summarise: RetroSign GRX is the most advance instrument on the market and still very easy to operate.

RetroSign GRX is scalable. The instrument may be purchased as a base model and can later easily be upgraded with additional features by simply scanning a barcode sent by DELTA.

RetroSign GRX offer special adapters for complying with the standard ECE 104 for conspicuity tapes. The adapter series consists of single adapters as well as a multi-angle adapter with entrance angles +/- 5, 20, 30, 40 and 60 degrees.

Marking Thickness Gauge and Road Marking Control Kit

If the quality of markings has to be checked, DELTA can offer our Marking Thickness Gauge for measuring the thickness of the marking material and the Road Marking Control Kit for checking additional parameters related to markings.

Single-handed operation and multi-lingual retroreflectometers

DELTA’s instruments have been developed with the user in mind. The instruments come with single-handed operation and single-touch controls, which makes the operator work easily and simply. Our instruments are offered as a base model allowing the user to add features according to his or her needs and financial capacity.

DELTA’s instruments come with USB and / or Wi-Fi interfaces for easy data transfer. Measurement data is stored and processed in a spreadsheet and with GNSS/GPS installed display measurement locations and results on Google Earth. Our instruments are offered with multi-lingual ability.

Calibration and international standards of retroreflectometers

DELTA’s instruments are all easy to calibrate, employing a simple one-step process. The calibration units are calibrated in DELTA’s DANAK accredited laboratory and are traceable to Physicalish-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US.

DELTA’s instruments comply with internationally recognised standards, such as EN1436, ASTM E1710, ASTM E2177, ASTM E2302 (LTL-XL, LTL3000) & ASTM E2832 (LTL-X Mark II) for pavement markings; EN 20471, EN 12899, ASTM E1709 & ASTM E2540 for traffic signs & high-visibility clothing; ECE 104 for conspicuity tape.

All DELTA’s instruments comply with international standards when it comes to user safety and EMC emission, further information can be required from DELTA.

Our customers

DELTA’s retroreflectometers are made for professionals and are used typically by road and airport authorities, test institutes, contractors, paint manufacturers, sign manufacturers and service providers.

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Press Release

LTL3000: A New Generation of Marking Retroreflectometers from DELTA

This June, DELTA will introduce its new LTL3000 retroreflectometer, the first product in a brand-new generation for pavement marking instruments.

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Road markings: Choose the Right Type of Retroreflectometer

It's well known that the visibility of road markings is important for the traffic flow and road safety. The reflection properties giving the visibility of the road marking are measured using a retroreflectometer.

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This June, DELTA will introduce its new LTL3000 retroreflectometer, the first product in a brand-new generation for pavement marking instruments.

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