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ACP Road Safety Guardrails, Terminal Ends and Barriers

Australian Construction Products (ACP) provides BlueScope steel road-safety barrier systems and other civil engineering products for road authorities, local government bodies, civil engineering contractors and other installers. ACP’s product range includes the W-Beam and Thrie-Beam guardrails, a range of terminal ends, a wire rope barrier system and corrugated metal plate structures.

Our range of terminal ends includes the X350 – the world’s first and only fully re-directive guardrail terminal end. Our wire-rope barrier system reduces installation and maintenance costs, and – most importantly – enhances safety.

W-Beam / Armco road safety guardrail

The W-Beam guardrail (or Armco guardrail) is the preferred steel flexible roadside safety barrier in Australia and around the world. It is a semi-rigid barrier that comprises a steel rail mounted on steel posts. The profile of the rail resembles the shape of a ‘W’ turned on its end.

In most situations, the W-Beam guardrail is your optimal choice for safety, strength, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Thrie-Beam road safety guardrail

ACP’s Thrie-Beam guardrail offers superior performance where there is a history of high impact frequency or a higher concentration of heavy vehicles. When specified by state-authority design guidelines, the Thrie-Beam guardrail can also be utilised as a bridge barrier.

All our guardrails conform to Australian standard AS/NZS 3845:1999 and state road-authority requirements throughout Australia.

Guardrail terminal ends

ACP manufactures and supplies a range of terminal ends to suit the requirements of all state road authorities. They include proprietary products such as the X350, the SKT350 and the FLEAT350, and non-proprietary products such as the MELT and the BCTA.

Re-directive guardrail terminal end

The X350 is the world’s first and only fully re-directive guardrail terminal end. It is the ideal guardrail end treatment, with exceptional vehicle-control and energy-absorbing capabilities in head-on and side impacts.

The X350 features an impact head (through which two anchor cables are threaded), breakaway line posts, a slider / slider bracket assembly, a cable anchor bracket and a foundation anchor.

For side impacts, tension in the rail is transferred via the cables to the foundation anchor to provide containment and redirection.

For head-on and angled impacts directly at the end, friction between the cables and the impact head dissipates crash energy, and the slider / slider bracket assembly enables the first W-Beam rail segment to slide back along the second segment and away from the impacting vehicle.

Wire-rope road barrier system

ACP’s wire-rope road barrier system reduces the time and costs involved in installation and maintenance. Most importantly, however, it enhances safety. The wire ropes and steel posts absorb the energy of a crashing vehicle by collapsing progressively on impact, thus reducing the risk of injury to vehicle occupants.

Maintenance costs are extremely low, as only the damaged posts need to be replaced after a vehicle impact. This system is available with round posts and a choice of three or four wires, depending on your requirements.

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With offices in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, ACP can respond to your barrier system needs anywhere in Australia.

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Australian Construction Products Pty Ltd

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Australian Construction Products Pty Ltd

329 Horsley Road


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+61 2 9772 4172 +61 2 9792 6272

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