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Safety systems to improve visibility of highway hazards

The ULTRA Guard Safety System, developed by Potters Industries, improves visibility of highway hazards by providing a continuous retro-reflective guide through danger zones on and along the roadway. This unique, reasonably priced, roadway delineation system enhances drivers’ depth perception and road awareness 24 hours a day in all types of weather.

The ULTRA Guard Safety System can quickly and easily be directly applied on guard rails, crash barriers, bridges and concrete barriers. ULTRA Guard provides continuous retro-reflective lines at eye-level, defining road geometry.

Benefits of this roadway delineation system include:

  • Improves visibility of highway hazards
  • Provides a continuous retro-reflective guide
  • Enhances depth perception and road awareness
  • Increased preview time helps avoid danger
  • Delivers the utmost safety drivers need

Enhanced road awareness systems

The ULTRA Guard Safety System is a safer, more durable, and much more cost-effective alternative than mounted reflectors. ULTRA Guard offers drivers increased preview time, helping them avoid danger on and beside the roadway. There’s no other comparatively priced roadway delineation system on the market today providing the same high levels of safety that drivers need.

The ULTRA Guard Safety System is so effective it increases drivers’ situational awareness of ‘danger zones’ on and along the roadway. Dangerous curves, hard to see curbs and islands, confusing and treacherous work zones, dark tunnels and unlit roads are safer to drive through thanks to the enhanced visibility provided by the ULTRA Guard Safety System.

Roadway delineation safety systems

There are three components, all developed by Potters Industries, that make the ULTRA Guard Safety System more durable, brighter, safer and more cost effective than other vertical delineation systems:

Innovative installation equipment

  • ULTRA Guard marking carriage
  • Speedbeader delivery system

ULTRA Guard hi-performance paint

  • Featuring Dow HD21 resins
  • Designed to perform on vertical surfaces
  • Created for long lasting performance

ULTRA 1.9 glass bead technology

  • Maximum retro-reflectivity
  • Improved delineation
  • Proven hi-index technology
  • Used by airports and leading highway authorities

Minimum manpower is needed to install the system along the roadway.

With their proven hi-index technology, 1.9 IOR glass beads are used by leading highway authorities across the country. These superior glass beads are also used to provide the utmost safety on runways and taxiways worldwide.

The ULTRA Guard Safety System is the ultimate roadway delineation system on the market today.

Contact us today to find out more about the ULTRA Guard Safety System, another innovative product designed to enhance road safety 24 hours a day from Potters Industries.

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Ultra Guard Low-Cost Road Safety System

Ultra Guard is the durable, highly reflective and weather-resistant road delineation system from Potters Industries. The low-cost enhancement system lights up the roadways, and is suitable for use on guard rails, crash barriers and concrete barriers to improve safety. Download the free flyer for more information.


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