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VITRONIC Modular, Next-Generation Tolling Solutions

VITRONIC’s TollChecker solutions consist of a modular system of hardware and software. This allows TollChecker to be customised to a wide range of tolling applications with proven performance and an excellent cost-benefit return over the installation lifetime.Tolling system operators use these technologies to automate toll collection and enforcement or to audit the KPIs for all kinds of tolling systems.

Laser-triggered vehicle toll collection systems

TollChecker freeflow pioneered nationwide multi-lane free-flow tolling and has been defining the leading edge in tolling performance ever since. A single gantry can support the complete solution without the need for in-road equipment. By combining laser-triggered vehicle detection, 3D-classification, DSRC or microwave communication, and automatic number plate recognition, all vehicles are reliably identified. The flexible system design allows multiple camera set-ups for different road layouts, tolling modes, and additional applications.

TollChecker freeflow is fully configurable and can be deployed in nationwide, area and urban tolling schemes. It offers a complete solution for all tolling and enforcement operations including charging and back office systems. Simplified interfaces also allow the system to be integrated seamlessly into existing tolling systems, helping to unlock a range of application possibilities.

Free-flow toll collecting for urban environments

TollChecker city is designed to meet the high demands of urban tolling environments: reduce traffic volume and improve travel times while at the same time delivering a positive environmental impact. Suitable for congestion charging, low emission zone control, cordon ring and other schemes the solution provides industry leading identification rates in both heavy and free-flowing traffic, 24 hours a day, regardless of weather conditions. TollChecker city helps tolling operators create a dense enforcement network without revenue leakage.

Built for flexibility, TollChecker city can be permanently mounted on a pole, cantilever, or gantry and allows for additional mobile toll enforcement deployment within a charging zone. Changes such as tolling area expansion, various charges or payment model modifications are easily possible. Integration into an existing back office system is also supported. And with no on-board equipment or tags necessary for operation, road user acceptance is guaranteed.

Performance verification of tolling systems

For toll operators worldwide, TollChecker audit is the high-performance solution to verify key performance indicators for all kinds of tolling systems. Its flexible design allows for stationary or mobile monitoring either on existing gantry infrastructure or on trailers. Compact and lightweight system components make TollChecker audit quick to commission, ensuring that the systems can be operated on different sites within a short timeframe.

TollChecker audit also delivers the same technical benefits as all TollChecker solutions: multi-lane and multi-object capability, front and rear identification options, comprehensive 3D classification, easy network integration, and a range of back office software and services. With all this, TollChecker audit provides tolling operators with the perfect solution for a wide range of auditing scenarios.

Automatic number plate recognition toll solutions

The technology platform at the heart of the TollChecker product family combines over 25 years of experience in the field of laser triggered vehicle detection with know-how gained from 20 years in the field of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and more than a decade of engineering multilane free-flow tolling systems.

Now in its fourth generation, this platform demonstrates how the fundamental elements of installation, operation, service, and maintenance balanced with innovative features such as scalability and modularity can significantly increase the customers’ return on investment in modern ITS solutions.

Delivering benefits for tolling operators

VITRONIC’s concept of an underlying technology platform offers tolling operators a number of operational and financial benefits that extend to all solutions within the TollChecker product family:

  • Operability and Serviceability: features include Plug-and-Play, hot-plugging, and hot-swapping for replaceable units facilitate installation and operation of the TollChecker solutions. Accessible gantries and modular components are further examples of VITRONIC’s cost effective maintenance concept
  • Flexibility: scalable sub-systems can be combined for a variety of application scenarios such as mobile or semi-stationary enforcement applications. This allows tolling operators to configure different site layouts and to dense the enforcement network
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio: the single-gantry or single-pole design and the application of non-invasive technology significantly lowers infrastructure costs
  • Interoperability: standard interfaces for common ITS applications (such as European Electronic Toll Service, and back office integration) are provided
  • Eco-friendly design: optimising of components in material, size, weight, and energy consumption minimises the use of resources
  • Minimisation: compact, easy-to-handle, and light weight modules simplify the requirements for gantries or cantilevers and reduce the visual impact of the tolling system

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