Market Data

  • 4 February 2009

    Outer Space Technology Holds Benefits for Road Industry

    Europe is spending billions on Galileo – its independent satellite system – in the hopes of sparking returns for downstream service providers in the road traffic industry. Natalie Coomber analyses...

  • 19 January 2009

    Road Restrictions Beyond Beijing

    Banning cars from entering Beijing during the Olympics was drastic but had notable environmental effects. Now that the media storm has passed, Gareth Evans, analyses the potential for an eco-friendly...

  • 18 December 2008

    Electric Cars Make for a Better Place

    In 2007 Shai Agassi’s dream for an oil free future became closer to reality when he founded Better Place. Frances Penwill-Cook takes a closer look at how his vision for...

  • 20 November 2008

    Electric Dreams and the Infrastructure Challenge

    The push for carbon-free road transport has seen the ambitious development of a series of electric and hybrid cars, but will road infrastructure be ready for the change? Frances Penwill-Cook...

  • 12 November 2008

    Smashing Barriers

    Although chiefly the responsibility of the Highways Agency, the role of road safety barriers on UK motorways has evolved thanks to the growing involvement of the manufacturing sector and the...

  • 27 October 2008

    Financing Developing Road Infrastructure

    Frances Penwill-Cook highlights some of the funded road infrastructure projects for developing nations and looks at what advantages their completion offers the global marketplace.

  • 25 September 2008

    Amsterdam’s Pioneering Parking Proposal

    The answer to Amsterdam's parking space problems could lay deep beneath its famous historic canals. Alex Hawkes speaks exclusively to Dutch construction firm Strukton about its vision for the city's...

  • 13 August 2008

    How Traficon is Conquering the World

    Traffic detection-based video image-processing company Traficon has over 50,000 detectors operational worldwide. Frances Penwill-Cook takes a closer look at the company's systems to find out more about the technology and...