Global bridge engineering and supply firm Acrow Bridge has designed and supplied a modular structure for use during the reconstruction of the Port Bruce Bridge in Ontario, Canada.

The bridge on Imperial Road / County Road 73 in Port Bruce has now been opened to traffic following the collapse of the existing bridge in February caused by heavy downpours and flooding throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Port Bruce Bridge is the sole direct route over Catfish Creek, which divides the north and south sides of the small town on the shores of Lake Erie.

Elgin County received the modular bridge structure from Acrow Bridge with plans to reuse it for future projects.

The single-lane bridge is 54.8m-long and 5.5m-wide. It also features an epoxy aggregate anti-skid coated steel deck and a CL-625 ONT Truckload rating in line with the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.

Spriet Associates served as the design engineer for the project while Maclean Taylor Construction acted as the contractor for the bridge.

Acrow Bridge senior project manager and structural engineer Gordon Scott said: “Using a temporary detour bridge can help ensure the project stays on or ahead of schedule, important for both contractors and government agencies.

“Acrow modular bridges, available for rent or purchase, are cost-effective and provide a safe and dependable route for local residents and area businesses.”

Construction of the temporary bridge started on 3 July and was completed on 15 August.

Acrow Bridge provides a complete line of modular steel bridging solutions for rail, vehicle, military and pedestrian use.

The company has been engaged in the development and implementation of bridge infrastructure projects in more than 80 countries across the world.