Arbe, an Israeli provider of 4D imaging radar chipsets for self-driving cars, has secured a $32m investment in Round B funding.

Catalyst CEL, BAIC Capital, AI Alliance (Hyundai, Hanwha, SKT) and MissionBlue Capital participated in the fundraising. They were joined by existing funders Canaan Partners Israel, iAngels, 360 Capital Partners, OG Tech Ventures and OurCrowd.

The company stated that the 4D imaging radar chipset solution is used in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles for high-resolution sensing.

Arbe plans to use the funds to begin full production of its radar chipset. The system is said to be capable of producing an image that is 100-times more detailed than existing solutions.

The radars allow for precise sensing in different environmental conditions. It separates, detects and tracks ‘hundreds of objects in high horizontal and vertical resolution to a long-range in a wide field of view’.

This increases the safety of the next-generation vehicles in all conditions, the company noted.

Arbe CEO Kobi Marenko said: “With the funds raised, Arbe will continue to deploy to the market a real breakthrough in radar technology that empowers Tier 1 automakers and OEMs to finally replace their legacy chipsets with one that truly meets the safety requirements of NCAP and ADAS for years ahead.

“In fact, Arbe provides an affordable sensor for mass-market implementation that enables Level 3 autonomy without requiring LiDAR. Our technology is the essential component in achieving a fully autonomous vehicle that drives in every environment and weather condition.”

Last week, German holding company Porsche SE made a substantial investment in Aeva, the company that develops sensors for self-driving vehicles.