The Utah Department of Transportation (DoT) has awarded a contract to Emovis to implement and operate the road usage charge (RUC) payment system for electric and alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).

Mobility technology provider Emovis is a subsidiary of toll technology developer and manager of Spain-based Abertis Group.

For the Utah AFV RUC programme, Emovis will serve as the commercial account manager.

The RUC payment system is designed to manage toll collection on electric vehicles,  which will be used for road maintenance. AFVs do not pay fuel tax in the US.

The payment system contract will be valid for a period of five years, which will be initially for three years with the option of a two-year extension. The system is expected to become operational by January next year.

Emovis CEO Anthony Alicastro said: “This project constitutes a major milestone in the transformation of the road mobility landscape. I am pleased that our company plays a leading role in this new market which is important to the Abertis group.”

Under the RUC programme, eligible vehicle owners will be given the option to pay a flat fee instead of fuel tax or opt for a pay-per-mile charge.

Under the per-mile charges scheme, users will have to pay-per-mile charge instead of paying tax on the amount of petrol consumed through existing fuel duty.

“This project constitutes a major milestone in the transformation of the road mobility landscape.”

Additionally, the per-mile charges collected will not be more than the annual flat fee.

With approximately 700 employees in six countries, Emovis manages electronic toll infrastructure in the UK, Ireland, the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Emovis’s solutions cover a wide range of mileage reporting options to fit with different vehicles, including in-vehicle telematics, Bluetooth low-energy on-board diagnostic II devices (OBUs), smartphone apps, and odometer capture technology.