Eye-Net Mobile, the wholly owned subsidiary of Foresight Autonomous Holdings, has advanced its cellular-based vehicle-to-everything (V2X) accident prevention solution, Eye-Net Protect, for cyclists and motorists.

The company has made advanced technological developments to improve Eye-Net Protect’s capability to protect motorcycle and bicycle riders when they are out of direct line of sight.

The application also provides immediate road or medical assistance for emergencies.

Newly developed advanced features of the application include Bike Ahead Notification and Automatic Emergency Call.

Foresight CEO Haim Siboni said: “Players in the motorcycle industry have expressed interest in ensuring the safety of motorcycle riders. Eye-Net Protect may offer a safety solution that can easily be used by motorists seeking a solution.”

The Bike Ahead Notification has been designed to protect the vulnerable road users in real time. It provides alerts about potential front and side collisions.

This technological infrastructure development enables real-time informative notifications about cyclists and motorcyclists ahead, even when not directly in line of sight.

These notifications alert the drivers in advance, reducing collisions with road-side riders. The application has the potential to save lives from fatal road accidents.

Automatic Emergency Call will enable Eye-Net Protect to constantly monitor the behaviour of a motorcyclist in real-time. This detects if the motorcyclist has been involved in an accident.

Following collision, the rider’s smartphone will be automated to send an accurate location of the phone to a predetermined contact.

Micromobility service providers and motorcycle-related companies are expected to benefit from the two technological developments.