Guident, a portfolio company of Tekcapital and developer of software solutions for autonomous vehicles, has acquired regenerative shock absorber technology designed to expand electric vehicles’ driving range.

The company purchased the exclusive licence to US patent #8,941,251 from the Research Foundation of the State of New York.

The patent allows manufacturing electromagnetic regenerative shock absorbers with high energy density that can recover the vibrational energy of a vehicle.

Currently, the vibrational energy is lost because of road irregularities, vehicle accelerations and braking.

This new technology increases the driving range of vehicles and is expected to enhance ride comfort.

Guident said the design, which uses rotary mechanical motion rectifiers, can be tuned to achieve better damping characteristics when compared to existing shock absorbers.

Guident chairman and CEO Harald Braun said: “We are very excited to announce the acquisition of the exclusive rights to this remarkable technology. We are immediately moving forward to fabricate regenerative shock absorbers for testing by leading automotive companies.”

US-based Guident commercialises new technology to improve the safety, efficiency and utility of electric autonomous vehicles and ground-based drones using its IP & software apps for remote monitoring and control.

Guident recently partnered with Bestmile USA to focus on several areas for collaboration in Europe and North America.

With this alliance, Guident will offer its patented, advanced teleoperation for autonomous and human-driven vehicles to improve customer safety and security.