Global technology company Indra has secured a contract to supply its new traffic control technology, Mova Traffic, on Colombia’s Bogotá-Villavicencio corridor.

In collaboration with COMSA Industrial, Indra secured the €20m contract from the Andean Road Consortium (Conandino) and will equip the new tunnels and open-air roads of the corridor’s final section.

Under the contract, Indra will upgrade the Buenavista control centre and implement its Horus traffic and tunnel comprehensive management platform, which is part of Mova Traffic.

This will control the new section and its seven tunnels, including the Buenavista tunnel.

Indra will also implement the required communications systems, Mova Comms, as well as the Mova Protect safety systems.

The contract also involves the implementation of intelligent traffic systems (ITS), which include closed-circuit television systems (CCTV), traffic counters, road signs, emergency call boxes, fire detection, lighting control and PA systems.

Facilitating the operation of highways and tunnels, Indra’s technology automates processes and helps reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

Together with the main control centre in Boquerón and the local management centre in Naranjal, the Buenavista control centre will monitor and control the entire complex run centrally, under a government concession.

Indra’s Horus platform enables the integral and integrated management of the several ITS and safety systems installed in tunnels.

Offering real-time information to the operator, it optimises decision-making in everyday situations.

Horus’ Automatic Incident Detection System (AID) integrates information from cameras and sensors, alerting the control centre in the event of incidents or emergencies.

This August, Indra deployed traffic management solutions in Colombia’s 9km-long road tunnel, Túnel de Oriente.