Transport operator Keolis and multimodal transport network Divia Mobilités have launched a virtual mobility assistant in Dijon, France.

The mobility coach, which can be accessed from the Divia Mobilités app, uses a combination of artificial intelligence, smart data and voice assistance.

It is designed to provide bus and tram schedules, as well as urban area traffic information.

The coach, which has been developed to encourage public transport usage, aims to meet the requirements of all passengers.

The application was tested over a five-month period before it was released for public use.

Keolis will soon add new functions, including personalised recommendations and journey history.

A voice assistant feature will be designed to predict passengers’ needs in real-time, recommend alternative transport routes and warn passengers about ‘unexpected events’.

This feature is currently being researched and will be implemented in Rennes, France. The company will partner with Rennes Metropole (PTA).

In a statement, Keolis said: “This launch marks the beginning of a new learning phase for the tool, the technical performance of which will become reliable as passengers submit requests (based on the principles of machine learning).”

Divia Mobilités network includes 28 bus routes, two tram lines and a bicycle fleet.

The network manages 175,000 journeys a day and serves an average of 45 million passengers each year.

The Divia Mobilités application is used by 20,000 people every day.