The California Transportation Commission has announced funding of $328m to maintain and improve roads and bridges in the US state. 

Funding will be used to carry out 88 transportation projects in the state, including repairing ageing roads and bridges. The move will reduce traffic delays and encourage cycling and walking on roads. 

Of the total funding, $35.8m will be used for construction of 41 biking and pedestrian projects, as well as $234m for 29 ‘fix-it-first’ highway projects. 

In addition, the programme covers maintenance, repairs and rehabilitation of pavements and enhancement of safety, as well as upgrade bridges across the state. 

The Nevada Department of Transportation has appointed CH2M to provide environmental and preliminary design services for reconstruction of outdated Spaghetti Bowl and adjacent interchanges in Reno, Nevada, US.

"Funding will be used to construct a 178km road connecting Balkh province in north Afghanistan with the central Bamyan province."

Reno Spaghetti Bowl is often congested and prone to accidents, while the reconstruction project will see the improvement of ten service interchanges, one system to system interchange, braided-collector distributor systems, and multiple local roads.

CH2M’s design services will help NDoT to deliver the project’s NEPA document in no more than 3.5 years, minimise right-of-way displacements and acquisitions, recognise risks related to the reconstruction, design a comprehensive stakeholder and public outreach plan, as well as improve safety and aesthetics of the interchange area.

The Afghanistan Government has announced a project financing of $220m from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for a road project. 

Funding will be used to construct a 178km road connecting Balkh province in north Afghanistan with the central Bamyan province.