Smart urban mobility solutions provider NIU Technologies has unveiled two new electric vehicles that are 5G-connected, autonomous and self-balancing.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, US, NIU introduced TQi-GT and RQi-GT.

TQi-GT is a self-balancing three-wheeler electric vehicle that comes with standard autonomous driving functionalities and self-parking capabilities.

Capable of reaching a top speed of 80km/h, TQi-GT comes with a range of up to 200km and has an anti-lock braking system for additional safety.

Meanwhile, RQi-GT is an urban performance electric motorcycle that can reach top speeds of up to 160km/h.

Equipped with two removable batteries with a combined power of 7kWh, the bike delivers a peak output of 30kW, which can power it as far as 130km in a single charge.

NIU aims to transform the way people think of urban commuting by delivering a product line that offers self-driving and autonomous features for entire cities.

As of now, NIU internet of things (IoT) uses smart sensors to identify information in real-time and combine Cloud computing analysis to recognise people and vehicles.

In the era of 5G, NIU aims to develop a transportation network platform called the NIU FLEET, which can serve as the urban mobility model.

RQi-GT and TQi-GT are expected to enter mass production in the second half of the year and will hit the markets a few months later.