Parking technology provider Smart Parking has launched a new mobile app, Park Cardiff, which enables drivers to easily find an available parking space in the city of Wales, UK.

Cardiff is the first Council in Europe to have introduced the smart parking technology across its entire road network.

To date, the Cardiff Council, in collaboration with the company, has deployed 3,300 sensors in ‘paid-for’ and disabled parking bays.

Cardiff Council Strategic Planning and Transport cabinet member Councillor Caro Wild said: “Now that we have invested in this scheme, we want people that park in and around the city centre to download the free app – it is easy to use and will help both the motorist and the council.

“Congestion and driving at low speeds significantly increases pollutants form cars, so we want people to find a space and park as quickly as possible.”

“The Park Cardiff app will deliver major benefits for people who need to park in central Cardiff.”

Vehicle detection sensors are installed into the road that, by using infrared technology, can easily detect if a parking space is occupied or available.

Currently available for iOS and Android users, the Park Cardiff app allows the drivers to search and view a real-time map of parking availability, as well as directs them to a vacant space.

Smart Parking group chief executive officer Paul Gillespie said: “The Park Cardiff app will deliver major benefits for people who need to park in central Cardiff.

“It will make finding a parking space easier so that drivers can reach their destinations faster and more conveniently and make a contribution to reducing the congestion and pollution associated with drivers speculatively searching for a space to park.”

The new app can also connect users to the city’s mobile parking payment service provided by MiPermit.

Smart Parking’s bay sensor system has already been successfully installed in the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.