Uber has announced plans to expand its ridesharing services to riders and drivers across Quebec, Canada.

The ridesharing app will be made available across the city this year.

With the implementation of Bill 17 regulations this October, Uber will become a permanent service in Quebec.

In Canada, the company’s services are currently available in Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau.

Uber Quebec Public Affairs head Jonathan Hamel said: “Since the beginning of our pilot programmes in Quebec, we have been collaborating with the ministère des Transports and will continue to work with their teams and key industry stakeholders to develop sustainable mobility solutions for everyone, in all regions.

“Bill 17 regulation is opening up a new ridesharing industry in Quebec and we are grateful to the Quebec Government for its confidence in our operations and the hard work needed to bring ridesharing to the province.”

Uber is collaborating with local governments and developing partnerships with stakeholders, including Club des petits déjeuners, Le Chaînon, and Accueil Bonneau, to support relief efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company is providing an opportunity to taxi drivers to access the platform for additional earning opportunities.

Uber aims to work with local stakeholders and develop community partnerships to provide the best ridesharing experience. It has safety policies and features in place to protect riders.

Uber has mandated the use of its Go Online Checklist, masks and face coverings for riders and drivers to restrict the spread of the virus.

To enhance safety on the platform, Uber conducts driver screening processes and criminal background checks. It also uses in-app emergency buttons, 24/7 safety support and partnerships with MADD Canada.

MADD Canada Quebec regional manager Marie Claude Morin said: “We all have the power to prevent impaired driving and giving access to several transportation options is a big part of the solution.”