In May 2006 Christchurch City Council implemented the replacement of their older parking meter system by a new Pay and Display tariff system, for all parking in the centre of the city and anywhere in Christchurch that had previously been served by the
old parking meters. The installation was completed by the end of July 2006 and the system has been hailed as a success by residents and council officials alike, because of its ease of use and the freedom it allows.

The new parking meters cover several spaces and are effectively Pay and Display machines. Once payment is made, the meter produces a receipt which must be displayed on the car’s dashboard (passenger side, failure to do so could cost NZ$40;
overstaying incurs a fine of NZ$12) as proof of payment. This is a GST receipt so can be used as proof of expenditure for business accounts.

Using the new meters, motorists are able to pay for parking using coins, by swiping a credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Amex) or by mobile phone text (both Vodafone and New Zealand Telecom). However, credit card and text methods also incur a 50 cent
fee. The new parking meters accept 10, 20 and 50 cent coins. Customers are able to use any of the new machines to make payment as long as it is in the correct zone (P60 (1 hour), P120 (2 hours)). Payment is by the minute, which is more convenient for the
motorist making just a short stop.

The investment in the new system is estimated at $3.66m. This includes the total cost of the new machines and the removal of the existing meters.


Renewal of Christchurch parking meters was originally scheduled to begin post-2006 but was brought forward due to the change in coinage introduced at the end of July 2006. The new meters have replaced all of the existing meters located in the central
city, including those in the Christchurch Hospital area, Rolleston Avenue car park (opposite the Arts Centre) and at Centennial Leisure Centre.

“The system has been hailed as a success by residents and council officials alike, because of its ease of use and the freedom it allows.”

The main contractor was CHS (Cash Handling Systems Ltd) who supplied the new meters. The installation of the meter bases, meters and signs was undertaken by various sub contractors. There have been 375 new meters (pay and display machines) installed,
replacing 1,700 parking meters. The system was designed to provide on-line fault diagnosis which means any machine requiring attention can be identified and repaired within about an hour, reducing the time parking spaces are unavailable for use.


Shape Technology manufactures the Ezipark Global Pay and Display parking meters, which are now being produced at a rate of 120 machines a week. Each of the machines comprises 650 parts and they have now become one of the most widely used parking
meters in Australasia. They are being launched into the Canadian and US markets in 2007.

The production of the Ezipark uses the latest technology, including 3D modelling software and CNC programming. On the production floor, the company uses the latest in laser technology with a CNC laser that dramatically expands the ability to produce
quick turnaround prototypes and short runs and high-quality production parts.

An extensive range of material types and gauges is available, allowing the processing of an enormous variety of parts without sacrificing productivity. The department also includes a full dressing service for a high-quality finish as well as a wide
range of other finishes, such as chemical etching, anodising, zinc and tin plating. Shape Technology also runs a sophisticated powder coating plant, incorporating unique, enclosed multiple booths, which allows substantially reduced turnaround times.