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SenSen Networks is ‘Making Transportation Smarter’ providing a wide range of video detection and data analytics solutions, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), services and software, to enable accurate licence plate capture / detection, licence plate reading, data collection and management within the complete traffic (ITS) environment.

We build customised solutions in-house to satisfy most mobile, fixed parking and compliance, speed enforcement and traffic analytics requirements for governments, councils and private enterprises.

Our company’s product range includes:

  • SenFORCE MOBILE: parking compliance through video detection, fusion of GPS and passive triangulation and high-accuracy ANPR
  • SenFORCE: fixed parking enforcement system through video detection
  • SenSPEED: fixed and portable point-to-point (P2P) average speed detection and enforcement
  • SenPOD: video-based parking occupancy detection and reporting
  • SenPARK: vehicle parking access control for gateless entry / exit

Our product capabilities include:

  • Geographic information system (GIS) integration for auto-zoning and mapping
  • Support for automated permit and payment checks
  • Industry leading infrared (IR) and colour cameras selected for application on demand
  • Centimetre-accurate GPS for automated enforcement and evidence collection
  • Highly accurate VehicleDNA recognition technology for vehicle matching in harsh conditions

SenFORCE Overview

Parking compliance achieved through video detection and reading combines ANPR and centimetre-accurate GPS positioning, to ensure absolute confidence in detecting vehicles breaching parking compliance rules. Also combined with our unique VehicleDNA algorithm, we reference scene and vehicle features to increase the vehicle detection confidence. Also incorporating our multi-rank matching and fuzzy matching software, SenSen delivers the highest performance parking compliance anywhere in the world.

Our in-house licence plate recognition (LPR) engine has been built and trained for licence plates from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, US, Canada, Middle East, India, Singapore and more.


SenFORCE Mobile includes all the high-resolution ANPR cameras attached to a patrolling car as either light-bar integration or fitted into a self-contained roof pod, with a soon-to be-added motorbike mount. Fully automated parking zone enforcement, capable of reading number plates at normal driving speed, removes critical occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues for council officers, and provides significant ongoing cost benefits and productivity improvements to parking compliance activities.

  • Automatically records the licence plate of the vehicle along with GPS at two different times
  • Automatically detects parking overstay, no stopping, bus and school zones
  • Fully automated permit and zoned enforcement without driver intervention
  • Alerting for illegal rubbish dumping
  • Easy integration with council back-office processes without fixed infrastructure costs
  • Easy integration with different vendor back office and handheld system


SenFORCE FIXED is the world’s first fixed camera parking enforcement solution managed through the cloud. It continuously monitors for vehicles parked within camera view over a length of roadway in school and bus zones, clearways, plus monitors for illegal dumped rubbish. It is also equipped with our advanced VehicleDNA and identification capabilities:

  • Face detection and masking
  • Fully integrated infringement detection platform
  • Generates video evidence in case of appeals
  • Exceptional performance even under low bandwidth conditions with minimal down time
  • Highly secured data transfer over cloud infrastructure, also offered server-based


SenSen has already delivered to a government agency in Australia, one of the largest multi-link installations in the world for point-to-point (P2P) average-speed detection. Our P2P system incorporates the SenSen ANPR engine, our proprietary VehicleDNA, multi-rank reading and fuzzy matching software algorithms, for the world’s highest confidence detection and reading.

Other integration options include radar or laser spot speed detection and a fully portable system, ideal for temporary road work zones.


A camera-based solution for parking occupancy detection, for medium to large parking areas. It captures the arrival and departure of vehicles in the designated parking bays. The video data is analysed and unique parking events are marked and sent to the back office of your parking management system.

  • Detects when vehicles occupy and leave a space and provides reports
  • Provides vehicle identification information when parked in a space illegally
  • Tolerant to different parking angles and occupying different positions within unmarked parking spaces and zones
  • Helps reduce traffic congestion and improve parking management


  • An ANPR-based solution to automatically detect and recognise prepaid cars entering a parking station.
  • Avoids the need to stop for paper parking tickets
  • Automatic detection and alerting of overstay vehicles
  • White-listing and blacklisting based on vehicle list data
  • Generates traffic flow statistics
  • Multiple entry and exit management

About SenSen Networks

SenSen Networks is an Australian company based in Melbourne. Our talent team comprises PhD data scientists, degree software engineers, analysts and mathematicians. We operate offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canada and India.

We will develop to your specific ITS requirement’s tailored solutions that enable integration with existing data systems and ITS Big Data Analytics environments.

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Press Release

Intelligent Transport Systems Expert Turning Road Ideas into Reality

Australia has a strategic opportunity to lead the world in more efficient public transport, safer rail crossings and faster loading and unloading of container ships says one of the region's most respected transport industry managers.


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Press Release

2 August 2016

Australia has a strategic opportunity to lead the world in more efficient public transport, safer rail crossings and faster loading and unloading of container ships says one of the region's most respected transport industry managers.

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18 July 2016

SenSen Networks has been awarded in 2016 an extension of our 2014 success in Singapore, taking the count to just on 300 SenForce FIXED parking cameras deployed on behalf of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) throughout Singapore's bus and school zones.

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12 July 2016

SenSen Networks is pleased to announce Dean Mills has been appointed as our head of ITS as the Director of International Sales and Marketing. Formerly a director and executive of German multinational JENOPTIK, Dean brings over 20 years of senior international sales and marketing experience.

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