Guardrail Installations Australia Road Safety Barrier Systems

Guardrail Installations is a specialist supplier and installer of safety barrier systems for roads. We operate out of Victoria and South Australia, but are willing to visit any job site in Australia.

Specialist hydraulic safety barrier installation

Guardrail Installations Australia has invested heavily in the latest European technology and has specialist, hydraulic Turchi guardrail installing machines from Italy to provide greater reliability, efficiency and service.

We supply and install a range of road safety barrier systems, including steel beam and wire rope safety barrier systems, bridge rail, box beam rail, crash attenuators or crash cushions, and temporary safeguard barrier systems. Our systems and service offer the following benefits:

  • A commitment to providing the best quality and service
  • On-site reliability
  • Latest equipment and technology
  • Highly skilled and specialist crews
  • Professional engineering staff to provide technical advice and assistance
  • Expansive mobilisation to any part of Australia
  • Australian company
  • CCF pre-qualified contractor approved contractor for VicRoads

Road barrier systems

The range of barrier operations we provide includes Guardrail, Balustrade, crash cushions, wire rope, pedestrian handrail, propriety systems, bridge rails, bridge parapet rails, diamond drilling, carpark guard railing and box-beam rail systems.

Team Systems, range of guard rails and bollards help to protect your stock and staff from accidental injury or damage. They are ideal as safety barriers to close in machinery and to divide trucks, forklifts from safety areas or potential risk areas.

Wire rope safety fences

Guardrail Installations is an expert in the installation and maintenance of wire rope safety fences. The unique woven rope system grips the posts – the bigger the impact, the harder the ropes grip the posts and control the deflection, regardless of whether the installation is 100m or 10,000m between anchors.

In case of a vehicle accident only the damaged posts need to be replaced. The steel posts are simply inserted into a socketed concrete footing. This means that the repairs after a typical impact involving six posts can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Wire rope safety fencing is an unrivalled safety barrier system used on Australian roads, highways and motorways due to its unique features:

  • Quick and easy to install requiring no heavy equipment or specialised tools
  • Very low repair and maintenance costs. Repair is quick, simple and carried out manually without the need for mechanical equipment
  • Unrivalled safety record with no deaths in 30 years in the 30 countries that it has been installed
  • All metal components are galvanised and are highly resistant to corrosion

Guard railing machines

Guardrail Installations operates Turchi 260S guard rail machines imported from Europe. All machines have been fitted with auger drives and rock drills, to allow installation to be carried out in various difficult ground conditions, including rock.

The rock drill is able to drill a 150mm hole through solid rock, and up to 2m in depth. The drill also cuts through cement treated pavement as well as asphalt layers up to 250mm thick without the need for pre-boring.

The new Turchi 260S installs guardrail posts to exactly the correct height and alignment, ready for the rails to be attached. It also greatly reduces the risk of damaging buried telecom lines and other services.

It’s quick, the steel posts are more durable than wood and are recyclable, and the whole operation takes up a much smaller footprint on the road, leaving more room on the shoulder.

About Guardrail Installations

All our staff are fully trained in the installation of the guardrail, and all workmanship meets Vicroads standards.

We also provide supporting services such as expert technical advice, system design assistance, system supply and installation, spare parts, repair work, lifting and realignment, and associated roading work.

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