US state of Georgia’s municipality Peachtree Corners has collaborated with Bosch Building Technologies division to test, demonstrate and develop the future of video-as-a-sensor technology to manage and analyse traffic in the region.

Bosch’s new technology has been designed to analyse live autonomous shuttles and teleoperated e-scooters alongside regular drivers and vehicles.

Peachtree Corners city manager Brian Johnson said: “Our 5G-enabled living laboratory will give Bosch the opportunity to push the limits of their technology in a real-world setting that is almost impossible to replicate in a closed lab, while enhancing overall city operations and the lives of our residents.

“The city of Peachtree Corners also provides Bosch a real-world showcase for their customers to come and experience their technology applied to an actual city, not just in concept.”

Bosch’s new technology will have the potential to generate new insights into traffic planning for ‘the city street of the future’.

The cameras will be integrated with future-forward IoT technologies that are being deployed in an environment with real residents and connected city infrastructure.

Under the new partnership, Peachtree Corners municipality aims to further strengthen its position as the testbed of autonomous mobility and smart city technology.

The partnership will also allow Bosch to prove its computing capabilities by integrating with Peachtree Corners’ Curiosity Lab connected intersection.

Bosch business development manager Lewis Stallworth said: “Bosch video-as-a-sensor technology assists city planners in making informed decisions on traffic management that are based on real-time data around events happening at and around intersections.

“Partnering with the City of Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab gives Bosch an opportunity to showcase and test its Intelligent Video Analytics with machine learning capabilities on the roadway of the future, with a connected intersection, autonomous vehicles, autonomous scooters and autonomous package delivery – all in a real-world environment.”