Mobility transportation solutions manufacturer BraunAbility is set to collaborate with 17 mobility dealership locations across the US to install 3D accessible parking designs to combat illegal parking in spaces designated for those with mobility disabilities.

The aisles will be installed in parking lots of businesses that sell mobility products, including BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles.

The novel parking design is for people who use wheelchairs. The optical impression of a raised barrier has been designed to stop someone from parking on the access aisle, keeping the space open for a wheelchair van ramp to deploy.

In recent US surveys, 74% of participants said they have witnessed accessible parking abuse, and 84% of BraunAbility customers are interested in actions aimed at preventing misuse of accessible spaces.

This nationwide event is part of a larger movement by BraunAbility, known as ‘Drive for Inclusion’, a movement for access and inclusion for people with mobility disabilities.

The installation embarks the 29th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

BraunAbility CEO Staci Kroon said: “The anniversary of the ADA is a vital time to reflect on how far the mobility disability community has come, and more importantly, how far we have to go.

“Although the ADA has been in place for nearly 30 years, we know our customers face unnecessary burdens in their daily lives. Through ‘Drive for Inclusion’, we are unifying a community to hear from a first-person point of view what issues they face, and working with them to enact change for mobility inclusion.”

Ability Center, Superior Van & Mobility, Advanced Wheels, United Access, Bussani Mobility, Access2Mobility, and Access Vans are some of the participating US partners involved in the 3D painting event.

The participant list continues to grow, as an additional 46 mobility dealerships have committed to painting 3D access aisles this year.