The Canadian Government has announced a C$828,300 ($625,529) investment in road network technology for the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.

This technology will be used to help manage winter roads, access roads and trails in the territories.

The University of Toronto will be developing a web-based tool to provide climate data and detailed maps on winter road and trail networks.

Northwest Territories MP Michael McLeod said: “Our government has demonstrated a clear commitment to the North.

“The resiliency of our transportation system is critical to our economic growth and social development. This project will provide greater connectivity for northerners and improve safety for communities in the Northwest Territories.”

The investment is part of the Canadian Government’s National Trade Corridors Fund. The country’s territorial north is prone to severe weather, difficult terrain and has a shorter construction season, which increases regional infrastructure development costs.

The projects are intended to improve the northern transportation system and provide increased connectivity.

Canada’s Minister of Transport Marc Garneau said: “Transportation is a lifeline for Northern communities and for economic development in Canada’s Arctic. By finding ways to make our infrastructure more resilient, we are improving transportation safety and reliability.”

The government is set to invest more than C$180bn ($135bn) in public transit projects and other developments over the next 12 years.