Cubic Transportation Systems, a business division of Cubic, has secured a ‘multimillion-dollar’ contract to deliver smart traffic management technologies to the Mexican city of Merida.

The deployment of new technologies is expected to help improve traffic flow in the city.

As agreed, Cubic will deploy the Trafficware ATMS central transport management platform, controllers and Transit Signal Priority software at all project intersections, in partnership with Vixionere SAPI de C.V.

The Trafficware ATMS is a central transport management system designed to control an agency’s traffic control and intelligent transportation system (ITS) infrastructure.

The system provides the operator with a real-time integrated view of traffic operations. It can also use Cubic’s NextBus real-time bus positioning information to facilitate movement of transit vehicles.

In addition, the solution can utilise NextBus’ predictive bus stop arrival software to identify any delay and accordingly manage the signal systems to ensure that the transit vehicles are on time.

The project also includes installing the SynchroGreen Adaptive Signal Control module at more than 50 road intersections. This software allows the operator to adjust signal timings in real time based on traffic flow.

Cubic Transportation Systems Trafficware vice-president and general manager Joe Custer said: “We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Vixionere and the city of Merida, Mexico, to build its transportation management infrastructure as it becomes a part of the next generation of smart cities.

“This award is a great example of synergies between the CTS solutions. The Trafficware-NextBus solution designed for Merida is ideal for transportation agencies around the world that are looking to work smarter and integrate multiple modes of transportation to improve the utilisation of their roadways and transportation networks.”

Headquartered in the US, Cubic offers integrated solutions across transportation and defence industries.

Last year, the company acquired Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) solutions provider GRIDSMART Technologies.