Energy Technologies Institute’s (ETI) Heavy-Duty Vehicle (HDV) programme has achieved a milestone by demonstrating its ability to enhance fuel efficiency.

During in-depth modelling and testing, Caterpillar performed a technology demonstration using a heavy-duty CAT 725 Articulated Truck.

The truck featured a range of energy-saving technologies developed through ETI’s HDV programme.

The technologies include a continuously variable transmission (CVT), a hydraulic energy storage system (KERs), a high-efficiency engine air system and optimised cooling systems.

The demonstration vehicle showed its ability to improve fuel efficiency by up to 28%.

UK’s HDV sector is responsible for 8% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and remains one of the most challenging sectors for decarbonisation.

ETI’s HDV programme chief technology officer Chris Thorne said: “The development of energy-saving technologies for HDVs has been really important to us. We believe that the reduction of carbon emissions in this sector is critical for the UK to reach its climate goal targets.

“Today we are celebrating Caterpillar’s achievements on the technology demonstration off-road vehicle, which includes technologies that have wide applicability across the full range of land-based HDVs.

“Work on the full range of HDVs will be published later this year and we hope the wider industry, as well as Caterpillar, will be able to benefit from these insights.”

The demonstration vehicle used by Caterpillar was altered through ETI’s £40m ($49m) HDV programme.

The demonstration vehicle project is a part of the first phase of outcomes from the programme.