HERE Technologies, a location data and technology platform, has partnered with ParkHub to provide a service that can help consumers locate and pay for parking spots.

The collaboration will see the integration of ParkHub’s real-time parking inventory network with HERE’s location-based services and indoor mapping solutions.

The integration will enable the user to find and navigate to the available parking spot.

HERE Technologies chief product officer Jørgen Behrens said: “By combining precision location data with advanced indoor parking and venue services, the HERE platform sits at the centre of the digitalisation of end-to-end journey planning and user experiences.

“We’re excited to bring together ParkHub’s real-time parking inventory and HERE Indoor & Parking solutions to bring intuitive and seamless navigation capabilities to drivers, from their home, to their vehicle, to their pre-booked parking spot and on to their final destination.”

Based in Dallas, ParkHub offers software and hardware services for the parking industry. The solutions enable real-time reporting of parking revenue, payment options and details on inventory availability and control.

The company is said to manage more than two million parking spots.

ParkHub founder and CEO George Baker Sr said: “ParkHub has proven itself as an event-based parking management platform, and our technology performs wonderfully in that capacity.

“However, the true crux of our offering is data. We are thrilled to work with HERE to maximise the wealth of data we hold and ultimately help consumers move efficiently and delight in their destinations.”

HERE Technologies focuses on providing mapping, location data and related services.

Last month, Chinese mapping, navigation and location-based services provider AMAP selected HERE to procure map content and traffic information outside China for its app.