Volkswagen’s MAN Truck & Bus Mexico division has selected LoJack Mexico’s advanced telematics and surveillance video technology for its vehicles.

Under a strategic alliance partnership between the parties, MAN Truck & Bus will equip its complete fleet of Mexican trucks and buses with the technology.

A connected vehicle solution has been developed by LoJack Mexico in partnership with MAN Truck & Bus.

This customised technology will be deployed in phases. It is designed to enhance security and road safety and increase operational efficiency for MAN customers and drivers.

The first phase will focus on real-time video surveillance through cameras installed inside the car.

The second phase will involve telematics, which provides data on driver behaviour, fuel burn, failure codes and other performance reports related to the vehicle.

MAN Truck & Bus Mexico homologation and government affairs engineer René Chávez said: “At MAN Truck & Bus Mexico, we are very aware of the needs of our customers and believe telematics and video technology can deliver high-value services and an improved user experience for them.”

LoJack Mexico general manager David Roman said: “Our telematics and security technology help mitigate risk, improve security and increase operational efficiencies to drive a compelling return on investment for MAN Truck & Bus Mexico’s fleet owners.”

As part of the agreement, LoJack Mexico’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) services will also be offered for MAN Truck & Bus’ customers.

In the future, the sale of MAN Truck & Bus assembly lines equipped with LoJack Mexico’s technology is likely to be expanded to other Latin American markets.