Chinese autonomous driving start-up is set to partner with Japanese automaker Toyota to accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles. said that the company aims to revolutionise the future of transportation by building a safe solution for self-driving vehicles.

The company began testing its robotaxi pilot service PonyPilot last year, making it the first company to launch a robotaxi operation.

This June, obtained a robotaxi operation permit in California, US, and started forming plans to provide autonomous mobility services on a global level.

With more than ten million annual vehicle sales globally, Toyota aims to accelerate its China business through collaboration with selected Chinese companies.

Autonomous driving technology is said to play a major role in creating a better transportation system.

Through the collaboration, Toyota and are working on the arrival of a safer, efficient and more enjoyable mobility future for the autonomous vehicle industry.

Last September, launched its first product-ready PonyAlpha autonomous vehicle system, marking a significant milestone for the autonomous driving industry in China. The new self-driving system features increased sensor coverage provided by additional LiDARs, radars and cameras.

In 2018, Toyota Motor North America subsidiary Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced plans to build a new closed-course test facility to accelerate the development of its automated vehicle technology.