Quebec City in Canada has selected Applied Information’s connected vehicle technology to automatically give emergency vehicles green lights at traffic signals.

This is expected to reduce response times and improve safety at the city’s intersections.

LED traffic signs manufacturer Orange Traffic will partner with Applied Information for the project, which will see the installation of the preemption technology at 440 traffic signals and on 80 emergency vehicles.

Orange Traffic president Roger Fugère said: “Quebec City is taking a national leadership role in deploying innovative traffic solutions that will help save lives on a daily basis.

“We are very excited to be the city’s partner, along with Applied Information, to improve safety and reduce response time of emergency personnel when responding to someone in need.”

The technology leverages LTE cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) connectivity, with 900MHz radio.

Using the radio, the emergency vehicle will be able to command multiple traffic signals in the direction of travel and accordingly change the light to or keep it on green.

Applied Information president Bryan Mulligan said: “Working with our partners Orange Traffic, we are pleased to have been selected by Quebec City to provide this life-saving technology for its first responders.

“As Applied Information’s first major international deployment, Quebec City is a significant milestone for the company and speaks to the utility and versatility of our technology platform.”

Scheduled to begin this month, the deployment is scheduled for completion in March 2021.

This April, Applied Information unveiled plans to implement C-V2X traffic infrastructure products with its Glance Smart Cities Internet of Things (IoT) roadside unit portfolio in the US.