Siemens Mobility has received Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) certification for its Sitraffic sX traffic light controller.

Following a substantial integration development and testing, the traffic light controller was given the certification by Road and Maritime Services (RMS).

RMS is the New South Wales agency for road infrastructure. It owns the registered trademark of urban traffic control system SCATS.

Siemens Mobility Intelligent Traffic Systems CEO Markus Schlitt said: “The sX controller is Siemens Mobility’s latest generation of traffic controller, incorporating an ultra-modern (modular) hardware and innovative software, a combination that future-proofs this traffic management technology.

“Siemens Mobility has decades of experience in traffic signal control, which it leveraged to completely redesign the hardware. All components and processors are state-of-art, which ensures an extended lifecycle, especially since precision and reliability have always characterised Siemens products, even under the most challenging operating conditions.

“SCATS customers now have the option of using a state-of-the-art Siemens Mobility traffic controller, connected to their SCATS traffic management system.”

Due to rapid urbanisation and globalisation, cities are in need of innovative traffic solutions.

Urban traffic control systems such as SCATS help cities to streamline traffic flow. This increases bolstering road network efficiency and reduces the traffic’s environmental impact.

With sensors and detectors on the road as well as traffic signal controllers, SCATS can control the traffic light network according to demand.

The system is currently operating in around 180 cities across 27 countries.