Vehicle parking technology provider SKIDATA has secured a contract from the City of Tampa in the US to create and implement a city-wide gated parking revenue control system.

Under the contract, SKIDATA will install its parking technology suite at more than 8,500 parking spaces across nine garages in the city.

SKIDATA’s suite will feature automated access control gates across 83 lanes, and licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras at 70 entrance and exit lanes.

The LPR technology will enable drivers to exit parking areas without stopping to make payment.

The company added that it will deploy its Dashboard.Gate informational signage technology at most garages, which will inform vehicle owners about the parking rates, availability, and other important information.

In addition, Tampa City parking administrators will be able to manage the parking system or individual garages remotely as it is equipped with SKIDATA’s Cloud-based sweb® technology.

SKIDATA Southeast region business development manager Alex Franco said: “We are excited to be partnering with the city of Tampa to create this state-of-the-art parking revenue technology.

“This technology will provide a much more user-friendly parking experience, permitting LPR billing at entry and then allowing the driver to exit without stopping to pay at exits.”

In April 2016, SKIDATA secured a contract from the city of Amsterdam to provide parking technologies and services for more than 25,000 parking spaces in 22 garages.

The technologies include paying by mobile phone and the introduction of electronic ticketing (e-ticketing).

At the initial stage of the project, SKIDATA will equip four parking garages in the Zuidoost district.