The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) in the US has implemented Iteris’ ClearGuide solution to manage traffic and improve mobility across the state.

The solution, which leverages traffic data from HERE Technologies, will help SCDOT to assess and visualise road transportation across the state and subsequently identify ways to mitigate congestion and improve road safety.

Additionally, the use of ClearGuide solution is expected to help the state department to expedite evacuation during weather emergencies.

Iteris’ ClearGuide comes with dynamic maps to enable detailed traffic analysis; and supports animations to evaluate events and optimise response plans.

SCDOT can also use the platform for procuring historical trend reports and dynamic congestion charts to support traffic planning.

SCDOT traffic engineering director Rob Perry said: “We are pleased to have completed SCDOT’s upgrade to the ClearGuide solution.

“As the state begins to plan its reopening, ClearGuide will enable SCDOT to calculate changes in speeds and travel times as we return to more normal, pre-pandemic traffic patterns.”

The solution was implemented under a multi-year agreement with a total value of $1.8m. The agreement can be renewed for up to five years.

Iteris Transportation Systems vice-president Scott Perley said: “It is our privilege to support SCDOT’s goal of improving the performance of its roadways, as well as the safety and quality of life of the travelling public.

“With ClearGuide, SCDOT can apply our cutting-edge mobility intelligence solution to make South Carolina’s roads safer and more efficient as the state begins to reopen.”

According to the company, more than 20 government agencies and municipalities across North America have implemented Iteris solutions to mitigate traffic issues.