Electronic toll collection company Tetra HGS and STAR Systems International have completed the installation of cognitive tolling readers in Turkey’s nationwide open-road tolling system.

For this project, Tetra deployed STAR Systems Titan Readers across Turkish highways and bridges.

Tetra HGS CEO Kamil Alpaydın said: “STAR Systems International’s new Titan Reader was exactly the right product to help Turkey grow its network of open-road tolling systems.

“Titan has allowed us to confidently improve our tolling systems through Turkey’s road and bridge systems.”

Equipped with advanced cognitive-reader features, STAR’s Titan is said to improve performance and efficiency in high-speed tolling transactions.

The company claims that the readers are designed to automatically tune for optimal performance in any environment.

The installation of the new cognitive tolling readers will help the toll road operators to improve traffic flow on highways and augment overall operational efficiencies.

STAR Systems International Strategic Relationships senior manager Julie Cooper said: “Working with world-class companies such as Tetra and Litum, and installing Titan Readers for open-road tolling needs has been a great experience.

“Tetra has a very sophisticated and efficient system, which benefits from Titan’s special features. This project has shown to be very successful in improving system performance. STAR Systems International is dedicated to providing innovative products to our partners and to ensure customer success.”