US-based technology firm Velodyne Lidar has entered a multi-year sales agreement with NAVYA to power the latter’s autonomous shuttles with its sensors.

NAVYA has been deploying Velodyne Lidar sensors in production since 2015 for its autonomous driverless and electric fleet, which offers mobility services to cities and private sites.

NAVYA intends to pursue the global expansion of its shuttle with Velodyne’s state-of-the-art sensors for precise real-time localisation and object detection.

The NAVYA autonomous shuttle fleet provides effective first and last-mile transportation solutions, along with optimised navigation and safety features.

The shuttles make use of advanced guidance and detection systems and have been developed with deep learning technology.

NAVYA COO Jérôme Rigaud said: “We are continuing our partnership with Velodyne Lidar because their technology enables us to place autonomous shuttles on the road today.

“Our successful five-year experience working with Velodyne’s lidar solutions has proven that they provide a key component in our sensor kit needed to help move our fleet to the mass deployment stage.”

Velodyne Lidar CEO Anand Gopalan said: “NAVYA is at the forefront of inventing and growing the autonomous shuttle business, providing an innovative, clean mobility solution.

“Their driverless shuttles demonstrate how Velodyne Lidar sensors provide robust data for safe, efficient navigation across urban centres, hospitals, universities, industrial sites and more.”

Last November, Velodyne Lidar unveiled its Alpha Prime sensor, which uses the company’s patented surround-view technology.