Route 1 is a 51 mile controlled-access toll highway extending from Delaware Turnpike in Christiana to the Dover Air Force Base Complex in Southern Dover in the US. The four-lane tollway connects the Wilmington and I-95 corridor with the Delaware capital of Dover. It has six lanes between Biddles Corner and Tybouts Corner.

The roadway was built in accordance with Interstate Highway standards. Construction started in 1989 and the final section was opened to traffic in 2003. Route 1 is also referred to as the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway.

Route 1 expansions

The $9.7m expansion on Route 1 was completed between September 2006 and June 2008.

The phased-out project included road widening and reconstruction on different road sections. The project also included upgrades east of SR 1, minor roadway broadening from Brian Drive to Melson Road and pedestrian improvements near SR 24.

American Infrastructure-MD was awarded a $6.9m contract for North Frederica Grade Separated Intersection project. The construction began in November 2009 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2010. This is the second of seven grade-separated intersection upgrades proposed on Route 1.

“Signal improvements at West Way Drive were completed in May 2009.”

The project includes erosion and deposit control work, relocation of the Kent County sewerage lines, construction of a bridge, ramps, and acceleration or deceleration lanes adjacent to Route 1 on the northbound side. Other works include restructuring of Route 12 / Frederica Road and milling and paving of Route 1.

Signal improvements at West Way Drive were completed in May 2009.

The project involved improvements to pedestrian signals and installation of countdown signals. Countdown signals were installed at Kent Avenue and West Way Drive and at Route 1 and Route 26 under the project.

Bridge construction

The Delaware Department of Transportation signed a $150m design build contract with Skanska USA Civil Southeast for the Indian River Inlet Bridge in August 2008.

The new bridge on the Indian River inlet is being built to replace the existing one in Sussex County. The old bridge has suffered from severe scouring over the years. This has resulted in the exposure of the steel H piles to salt water.

The three-span concrete deck bridge will be in use until the new bridge is constructed. The old bridge will eventually be demolished when the new one is opened to traffic in 2011.

“Route 1 is also referred to as the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway.”

The new bridge will feature two 240ft pylons on each side of the bridge with single plane cable stays. It will have a length of 2,600ft which includes a clear span of 900ft over the inlet and 1,700ft of bridge section over the land. The new bridge will have a minimum 100-year design life.

As of September 2010, 65% of the construction was completed, and stay cable installation process is underway. The deck and edge girders were placed and work is ongoing on the transitional pier.

A 300t form traveller will be hoisted up at the bridge to facilitate the construction of the bridge deck across the inlet.

Toll system

The Route 1 toll road utilises a kilometre-based electronic toll collection system.

The DelDOT collects $2 on weekdays and $4 on weekends for the entire 82km-long highway.