We talk to Jon Campbell, lane systems manager of the E-470 Public Highway in Colorado, US, about how MG Squared’s camera lowering devices (CLDs) has benefitted the highway.

What is the history of your traffic system?

We utilise 58 cameras to monitor 47 miles of toll road on the eastern outskirts of Denver Colorado. Some of these cameras are in precarious and hard to access locations which make it difficult to maintain and complete routine cleaning in a timely manner.

Why and when they installed MG Squared™ camera lowering devices?

We started installing the MG Squared system approximately three years ago and currently use this technology at 11 locations. We started using this system to mitigate having to use a bucket/lift truck to access and troubleshoot certain locations on our roadway. That being said, we would also have to get permitting through respective municipalities as we would need a closure to use a lane for the bucket truck and subsequent access.

What impact is experienced by both highway users and TMC personnel when maintenance is performed with the MG Squared lowering device in comparison to locations where there is no lowering device?

In locations without MG Squared CLD technology it delays the response time to get monitoring back up for that specific stretch of roadway limiting the Command Center from monitoring and identifying travelers having issues.

Before using the MG Squared camera lowering devices, how much do typical lane closures cost your organisation and when were these closures typically enacted to perform camera maintenance on non-lowering device locations?

The flat rate is $1,800 per day. Anytime, we couldn’t safely access the locations we would have to request a closure. We also use snow and ice melting agents, which cause splashback, requiring us to complete camera cleaning on an increased rate during this time of the year.

What is the maintenance protocol with the lowering devices now installed?

We have developed a maintenance plan based on information provided from MG Squared.

Our current plan has the group completing maintenance as part of Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual maintenance.

Is there anything else about MG Squared that we did not discuss that you think would be helpful for other ITS engineers considering the implementation of this technology or the company in particular?

This product is extremely helpful in ensuring up-time metrics are met for any devices that use this technology. We will continue to install these devices as part of yearly project plans for at least the next 2-3 years.

After the initial installation of the technology, we have no known issues with the setup as long as minimum standard maintenance is completed. The setup and system are extremely reliable even in the most adverse weather conditions.