The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) in Virginia US, has adopted a Six-Year Improvement Program for the fiscal years 2010-15 that involves $5.4bn for highways.

The funding is part of the $7.4bn state Improvement Program, which has been brought down from $8.9bn in the revised FY 2009-2014 programme approved in February to account for the short falls in state and federal revenue.

The amount also reflects the $880m in reductions to rail and transit programmes due to the transfer of rail project funds to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

The reduction to services by the Virginia Department of Transport includes: reducing 42 rest and welcoming areas to 23, reducing $20m of mowing and roadside maintenance, reducing ferry services, scaling back interstate maintenance contracts, reducing Safety Service Patrols and closing VDOT residency offices and equipment shops.

More than $97m from previous interstate projects was reallocated to fund two major projects including I-95 bridge rehabilitation and I-64 paving projects in the Richmond District.