Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in the US is planning to upgrade message signs on the state’s highways to offer motorists better real-time traffic information.

The state plans to spend $4m to $5m to install new traffic cameras on interstates 79, 279, 376 and 579, as well as routes 60, 22/30 and 65.

The department also plans to spend $1.7m on three new electronic message signs at I-79 near Route 51 in Groveton, I-279 near Hazlett Street in Northview Heights and the westbound William Penn Highway.

The cameras, to be installed between March and October this year, will allow PennDOT’s traffic centre in Bridgeville to watch for congestion and accidents, according to officials.

A new automatic de-icing system called Fixed Anti-Icing Spray Technology will also be installed on Parkway West. The system uses sensors to determine when the road surface is near its freezing point and then sprays a mix of salt and water.