The Indian city of Bangalore will deploy a toll surveillance system on its roads, expressways and toll plazas.

The system, developed by Infinova and DELOPT (Deepti Electronics & Electro-Optics Pvt), will be installed at eight plazas and 106 toll booths.

The system’s V1044B IR illuminated day/night IP65-rated cameras will monitor lanes and automatically capture images and licence plate details of the vehicles passing and transmit the images for recording, according to

The lane cameras linked to the image camera module provide live information such as lane ID, user ID, date and time, to toll collection stations.

A video management system will record video feeds in plazas and at the toll booths, which will be stored in the plaza server to compare the data obtained from each lane of that plaza.

Bigger plazas will have nine cameras while smaller plazas will be equipped with 52 V6642 IP fixed dome cameras, which can be monitored from the control centre through a wireless network.