Netherlands-based navigation solution provider TomTom has introduced live services in New Zealand for its new GO LIVE GPS range.

The company’s HD Traffic function offers accurate live traffic navigation and reports traffic jams with enhanced accuracy, giving drivers updated traffic information in the region.

Built on data provided by NZ traffic news provider Automobile Association, the function combines incident and flow data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive picture of traffic, which is updated every two minutes.

A safety camera service includes real-time safety camera reporting and sharing, allowing users to keep each other informed about mobile safety cameras, according to

A QuickGPSfix service feature will also speed up the time it takes to fix GPS position when the GPS signal is poor, while a weather service offers local daily and five-day forecasts on TomTom devices.

The new GO LIVE ranges, GO LIVE 1000 and GO LIVE 1050 World will be available at the end of this month.